Food Wasted around the Globe



(Claiming the Rights effectively through Non-violent strategies)


Particulars Numerical data
No. of national trainings conducted 3
No. Regional Trainings conducted 36
No of local, sub-regional trainings conducted 847
No. of Regional Grassroots workers and Animators who attended the National/review consultation 118
No. of Regional Grassroots workers and Animators attended the Regional trainings National/review consultation 1080
No. of local Grassroots workers underwent local training through Region/NGO networks 37699
Number of women that attended the trainings 28833
No. of men  that attended the meeting 9980
No. of  NGOs in the network 382
No. of families – where PDSs survey was done 44586
No. of fair prize shops (ration shops) directly monitored by our teams 580
No. of new BPL cards received 1372
No. of BPL cards regularized to get the quota of grains 40705
Total no. of Antyodaya cards granted to our teams 15112
No. of Annapurna cards regularized 1662
No. of vigilance committees created/monitored by our teams 569
Women leadership in panchayats/office bearers/president 203
No. of  Govt. schools covered under Midday meal scheme 227
No. of girls contacted in Govt schools under Midday meal scheme 16437
No of boys contacted in Govt schools under Midday meal scheme 24884
No. of dalit cooks found  for Midday meals schemes 132
No. of ICDS Anganawadi centres monitored 1278
No. of ICDS newly initiated (SC order) 376
No. of  children contacted under ICDS 18313
No. of Job cards   regularized 44612
No of new job cards received 2719
No. of persons who received unemployment allowance (through RTI) 2575
No. of Village panchayats involved in NREGS 389
No. of Old Age Pensions sanctioned 1750
No. of women obtained entitlements through Janany Suraksha scheme 1099
No of  families received National family benefit scheme 828