In 2003, JPD Office began an Advocacy wing (Hotline Delhi), which is an extension of Hotline Asia project of ACPP. Through this wing that is manned by an Advocacy Officer, JPD Office has been adopting rights-based approach to social justice advocacy in favour of the marginalised, the oppressed and the down-trodden.

The major activities of this office include:

a) Monitoring and documenting major human rights violations in the country;

b) Analyses of major human rights-related issues and publication of the same on;

c) Drafting of urgent appeals, which are circulated among the global network of ACPP;

d) Preparing updates on issues that have been addressed by Hotline Delhi;

e) Building and strengthening a network of human rights activists and organisations;

f) Conducting training in human rights and advocacy;

g) Education for justice by dissemination and popularisation of catholic social teaching and other documents.


Some of the major issues addressed include communal violence, discriminations based on caste and religion, environmental degradation, eviction and displacement. Hotline Delhi drafted urgent appeals such as Repeal the Armed Forces (Special Powers) Act; Rehabilitate Adivasi Evictees in Lungsung, Assam; Scrap all the Nuclear Projects. Acting on our urgent appeals, the National Human Rights Commission issued notices to the Government of Maharashtra regarding a garbage recycling plant that affected the Indigenous communities in Dharavi Island, and to the Government of Assam regarding the forced eviction of advasis in Kokrajhar District of Assam.