Romero Day Observance in Delhi

New Delhi, 24 March 2014: Presiding over a special Mass at Sacred Heart Cathedral, New Delhi, Archbishop Emeritus Vincent Concessao invited the congregation to emulate the example of Archbishop San Salvadorian Archbishop Oscar Arnulfo Romero and to heroically live their faith. In a milieu of exploitation, oppression and violent repression that was orchestrated by the rich and the powerful, Archbishop Romero led a life of solidarity with the poor and the vulnerable, and advocated justice and non-violence, mused Archbishop Emeritus Vincent Concessao. He lauded Archbishop Romeros appeal to the El Salvadorian armed forces to give precedence to the law of God over their superiors orders to kill.

The Holy Mass that took place at 6 pm on 24 March 2014 was in commemoration of the 34th anniversary of Archbishop Oscar Arnulfo Romeros assassination. This is the fourth consecutive Romero day observance that the Office for Justice Peace and Development, along with the El Salvadorian Embassy in New Delhi, has organised since 2011.

International Human Rights Day  Dec 10, 2013

International Human Rights DayHuman Rights Day has been observed on 10 December every year since 1950 to mark the anniversary of the United Nations General Assemblys adoption of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights in 1948. The Declaration is the common standard of achievement for all peoples and all nations. Pope John XXIII praised it as  step in the right direction and as  solemn recognition of the personal dignity of every human being (Pacem in Terris, no. 144)